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Mental Wellness Consultation

Parks Holistic Health offers the compassionate, honest, consistent support that your soul deserves throughout your healing journey.

Healing Services & Programs

All of the programs and services offered by Parks Holistic Health are completely inclusive to all walks of life. This open practice invites people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, and unique abilities to receive safe healing guidance. 

Individual Support

Ready to find yourself, by yourself? 

Some of the most integral mental, emotional, and spiritual healing can be done on your own with the right support. 

Our sessions together will help you fully step into your power with compassion. 

Couples & Family Support 

Many learned behaviors develop in childhood and follow us into adulthood, affecting current relationships. 

Focus on healing the root of your beliefs to create a new, emotionally fulfilling future. 

Group & Community Coaching 

Though the Universe isolates in order to integrate our biggest shifts, you can receive consistent guidance and connect with like minds on a similar path. 

Check out our newest addition, the Divine Unity Community below!


Divine Unity Community

Divinely orchestrated communal healing that's both natural and necessary for deeply transformative experiences. 

- Directory of healing practitioners

- Supportive group coaching 

- New and full moon circles 

- Exclusive access to upcoming retreats 

- Personalized pace to your individual healing journey 

- A safe space for building genuine connections 

- Creative bank of resources for you to explore 

- VIP access to new offers and products 

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