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Meet Your Holistic Mental Wellness Coach

I’m Toni Parks, your Holistic Mental Wellness Coach!

Honoring all aspects of you -- the inner child, the rebellious teen, the strong capable adult, the shadows, and especially the limitless spirit. 

With my unique approach to health and wellness through holistic healing, I help you connect the fragmented parts of yourself with the aim of supporting you as you fully step into your power. 

Within my practice, I like to use my real life experiences to help my clients heal. As someone who once suffered from secondary PTSD, depression, and anxiety, I understand how it feels to look at darkness in the eyes and say that enough is enough. Through wellness practices, I have been able to heal childhood traumas and other relational-spiritual wounds.

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, committed to the belief that mental-health wellness is not a luxury to be enjoyed by the few. Rather, it's a necessity for everyone to be able to reach their highest potential. I am focused on community building and accessibility, creating offers, programs, and retreats that provide safe spaces to meet you where YOU are currently on your path. 

Now that I am healed and certified to help others, I’ve created a formula of self-care, nutrition, and physical activity to help my clients achieve a life that is filled with joy and wholeness. 

I’d love to help you on your journey as well, to the health and wellness that you deserve!

Get To Know Me

On My Destined Soul Path

I am so proud to say that I know with every fiber of my being that I am fully aligned with my destined soul path. There is no other comparable feeling! 

I want to help you achieve alignment in your life, too! 

I've Been There Before

At one point in my life, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I have faced darkness myself and lovingly brought myself through it to the light with this alternative approach to healing. 

Now, I am able to help others do the same! 

Healer By Nature 

I am a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, and Leo Rising! It's been written in the stars for me to help others heal, shedding light on their blind spots. It brings me great emotional fulfillment to nurture others and help them step into their authenticity! 

Loving the Soft Life & You Can, Too! 

Life isn't supposed to be hard. As a mother of one, I knew that there was a way where I could take back control of my time, energy, and balance my career and home life. 

Through the appropriate routines that support your goals, you can live a life of alignment that allows you to attract abundant experiences. I'm living proof of it! 

Constantly Learning & Growing

Believe it or not, my clients and I learn from each other all the time! As someone who is constantly trying to improve and learn new ways to love myself, I remain open to information and experiences regardless of the messenger. I am as excited to learn more about life through our experiences together. 


Let's Stay Connected!

To keep you in sync with the natural order of nature, I send out my newsletter on the new and full moon. This newsletter is designed to ADD to your energy, not bombard you with information.

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