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Interested in Taking the Next Step on Your Healing Journey?

It's time that you get the judgement-free healing that you and your loved ones deserve. Feel free to explore the different program offers Parks Holistic Health has available below. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 

For Individuals

 Find the best fit for where you are currently on your journey!

6  1-Hr Sessions (3 Month) Package 


Per Package

Saves $25 with this package!

Most deep transformational healing cannot take place in a single session. As one of Parks Holistic Health's premium program packages,​ you'll have the opportunity to receive the concentrated, personalized counseling to help you break down deeply rooted subconscious blockages. With an individual plan and a hand to hold, you'll be able to face your traumas and turn them into your greatest strengths! 

1 hr sessions

Long-term Holistic solutions

Focused Attention

Life Activating

Deep Transformational Healing

Paced for you personally 

Intuitive Guidance Using Oracle Cards 

1-Hr Mental Wellness Coaching


Per Session

If you're curious about how Parks Holistic Health approaches alternative healing, this 1-hr session will completely change your perspective on mental wellness coaching. By fully immersing yourself in this experience, you'll receive the concentrated attention that you need in your life in any particular moment. With a single session, you'll gain tangible, applicable tools and resources to apply in your day to day life to continue making positive changes in your reality. 

1 hr session

Focused Attention

Life Activating

Deep Transformational Healing

Intuitive Guidance Using Oracle Cards 

30-Min Grounding Guidance 


Per Session

Everyone has those days. If you're feeling a bit off, checking in with yourself on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level can be very grounding. This session will help you stabilize you and help you identify any blind spots that may be affecting your energy, bringing you back to focus on what matters most to you at this time.

30 min session




Grounding Techniques

Each 1-hr session includes: Direct access to me --virtually or locally in Atlanta, G.A., assessments to monitor your goals, written plans sent via email, and follow up check ins! 

Now Offering Couples & Family Sessions! 

$150 per 1-hr session

It's always been my goal to help my clients reach deep down to the root of their greatest fears, traumas, and communication blockages. While working with you one-on-one can help you take leaps and bounds in your personal life, it cannot be ignored that moving forward with healthy relationships can best be accomplished by working with the people closest to you. As the saying goes, "it takes two to tango!" 

While working together, you can focus on embracing the challenges you and loved ones face and create practical solutions to maintain connection. Through learning one another on a deeper, soul level, you'll be able to learn vital techniques for relating to one another and develop conflict resolution skills. 

Through our sessions together, you'll develop deeper intimacy in a variety of ways that can be maintained in the future all within in a safe, confidential space. 

Each session includes a personalized integration plan and a follow up check in!

Have Questions? 

Not sure which program would benefit you the most? Don't hesitate to send me a quick message or schedule your FREE consultation session with me here.


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