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Divine Unity 2.0

Take your healing to the next level during an all-inclusive couples retreat.

Save your spot by signing up at the bottom of this page. Singles welcome, too! 

On your healing journey, you've probably been focused on building a strong foundation for yourself, but you've also probably learned that you can only get so far on your own. 

 People placed in our lives (consciously or unconsciously) unknowingly hold a mirror up to our innermost selves, giving us an opportunity to exercise healing in real time or highlight areas that could use teamwork to heal together.

This retreat is all about putting that newfound wisdom into practice with the closest people to you. You'll have an opportunity to rebuild trust, intimacy, vulnerability, and happiness in relationships when you make the commitment to dedicate 4 uninterrupted days together.

Come join us for a truly transformative experience. Let's work together to create the relationships we deserve and build a brighter, happier future.

Calling All Divine Partnerships...

A couples retreat for all types of relationships - romantic, friends, and family - that will help turn all of your self-focused, internal healing into tangible wisdom that will amplify and expand your relationships.  

Parks Holistic Health is proud to provide a safe, judgement-free environment for LGBTQ+ community partnerships as well! 

Individuals welcome, too!

Retreat Itinerary

Understand one another better through these intentional activities and exercises meant to bring you closer to yourselves and inevitably closer as a unit. Make sure you don't miss a thing!


Sep. 21

Opening Ceremonies

On day 1, our divine pairings will begin the opening ceremony by setting their intentions for the retreat and individually smudge themselves. They also create spiritual baths and scrubs and fixed candles to be used in future ceremonies. The ceremony will close with the lighting of a candle at the altar and dining together. 


Sep. 22

Yoga, Releasing & Integration, Effective & Compassionate Communication

On day 2, guests can expect a morning yoga session followed by time for reflection, along with a continental breakfast/brunch. The first workshop of the day will focus on Releasing and Integration, allowing participants to let go of past pain and gain new wisdom. After a break, the second workshop will cover Effective and Compassionate Communication, helping couples speak to one another in a way that honors each other and resolves conflict. The day will conclude with a relaxing dinner.


Sep. 23

Yoga, Emotional Needs of the Inner Child, Boundaries Workshop 

On day 3, guests can expect a morning yoga session, time for reflection, and a complimentary breakfast/brunch. The focus of the day will be on emotional healing and growth, with workshops that cover Understanding Emotional Needs through the Inner Child, Boundaries, and Vulnerability. Participants will reflect on their inner child's deepest desires, learn how to set and communicate healthy boundaries, and practice vulnerability with their partner. There will also be breaks between workshops for rest and relaxation.


Sep. 24

Hiking & Winery Tour

On day 4, guests can expect a nature-filled day starting with a hiking trip to a waterfall where they can swim and relax. Later, they will visit Fainting Goat Vineyards and Winery for a wine tasting trip. This day offers an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, unwind with a delicious glass of wine, and truly connect with your partner with your newfound wisdom.


Sep. 25

Travel Day 

Relax and enjoy your newfound intimacy between partners, old friends, and new as we wind down and prepare for travel. This is a period of peaceful integration, allowing you to bask in what you learned during the retreat and take it home with you! 

A Quiet GA Cabin In The Woods

All Meals Provided By Honii Soul

2 wellness-focused, vegan meals provided each and every day by Chef Kendra!

Kendra Bates, Honii Soul

Kendra Bates, professional Chef and owner of Honii Soul, will be providing three delicious vegan meals a day for the guests. Honii Soul is an experienced chef, known for her innovative and creative vegan cuisine. With her expertise, the retreat guests can expect a culinary experience that will nourish their bodies and enhance their overall well-being.

Aiding in the Ascension Process

Nourishing the body is crucial for emotional and spiritual healing, as it helps to support the integration and ascension process. Consuming wholesome food provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs to heal and regenerate - not to mention, food is a great way to connect with the people closest to you. By providing vegan meals for everyone, we aim to nourish the body, mind, and soul, supporting participants in their journey towards holistic healing. 

"This retreat was so absolutely life changing. The immense healing can not be denied. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with Parks Holistic Health retreats."

"As a facilitator and healing arts professional I am so grateful for spaces like this that allow me to refuel, reflect and connect with others."

"I loved that this space was carved out to give me people the option to connect with their bodies before getting into the heavier mental/emotional body."

Our lives are shaped by the relationships we have - working on them will strengthen bonds and create the tribes and communities you truly desire.

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